Our Team

Geiny Lopez

Onsite Benefit Specialist

Philosophy of life in 10 words or less:

You will never always be motivated. You must learn to be disciplined.

Personal benefits of my job:

Meeting interesting people every day. One day I get to meet with the mayor and the next day I get to hear a cool story from a retired firefighter.

Best destination to turn off a cell phone:

Texas Hill Country

Most rewarding achievement unrelated to work:

Spartan Medal - Finished in 1 hour 50 mins- Came in 202 spot in age group 

Hidden talent:


Best professional advice I ever received:

Get out of your own way.

Ben & Jerry’s flavor I need to invent:


Most memorable day of my life:

Birth of my children

How I relax:

A cup of steamed milk, on my couch with a blanket, watching an episode of Forensics.

I’ve never regretted:

Moving from Iowa