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Humanizing Benefits Administration

By Tracey Hinrichs

 Humanizing Benefit Administration

In the vocabulary of corporate buzzwords, "human capital" often is used as a term to quantify the ultimate value people represent in the workforce.

 It strikes me as a reference that is abstract, detached and, ironically, dehumanizing.

 Yes, it may be concise in summing up the "big picture" worth employees bring to organizations, but most of us want to be recognized as an asset based on our unique, individual talents and contributions as humans.

 In the business of benefits, we sometimes lose touch with the human element. Staying focused on the individual needs of the people we serve continues to motivate me to step back and consider how benefits can best be administered in today’s evolving workplace.

 As technology grew for all of us via immersion into the Internet and electronic communication, the world of benefits also moved in that direction. Over the years, we have seen employers make the shift. For many, one-on-one meetings that guide employees through filling out paperwork have been replaced by 100 percent online enrollment.

 Technology has effectively smoothed the process, but often at the cost of human touch.

 More recently, as benefits have become more complicated, the stakes are higher. With HDHPs, HSAs, wellness initiatives, engagement and voluntary benefits being rolled out at one time, we have employees asking for personal touch.

 In spite of acronyms, terminologies and processes that can seem impersonally fabricated from an assembly line, benefits are about as personal as it gets. It comes down to people making vital decisions about their own well-being and the lives of their families.

 We are committed to bring the human touch to benefits. More than ever, it’s needed.

 Even Gen X and Millennials are bringing their benefit packages to advisors – their parents – for assistance before going online to enroll. As online enrollment continues to grow as a viable option among others, providing an expert resource to call can be a key touchpoint of help, information and support to employees.

 Someone uncredited deserves the credit for once having said, "The purpose of business should be to make life better for people."

 Our team at EBC strives to live up to this philosophy by making the most of technology while placing a high value on being human.




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